The Chance Encounter Project is a wonderful example of how valuable funds can be raised for an amazing charity and at the same time experience something really quite magical. 

Christine Mills the founder of the charity Hope for Tomorrow and a very dear friend, was very enthusiastic about the Project and was made aware before her passing that the film Chance Encounter would be dedicated to herself and husband David.


Many of us who have spent years raising funds for charities know how difficult it can be so I am delighted to lend my support to this amazing Project and I look forward to playing a part in celebrating the first anniversary of Chance Encounter in May 2021. Thank you all for your support.



On the stage of the Regal Theatre in Minehead, May 18th, 2019, I expressed my sincere thanks for the amazing contribution from many volunteers who had helped create the film Chance Encounter. I also thanked the sponsors, supporters and importantly, guests who had purchased tickets – we raised a staggering sum of £26,540 many thanks.

All of which has gone to support the mobile cancer care unit project managed by the Hope for Tomorrow charity which brings cancer treatment closer to home. In the Taunton and surrounding areas, I am very conscious of the impact of ‘Bumble’ – the mobile cancer care unit named after the mother-in-law of Stirling Moss and serving many patients.


It costs around £200 a day to operate ‘Bumble’ and so fundraising projects like Chance Encounter are literally the life blood of the charity Our event this year will include a dining experience on the West Somerset Railway and will also include a 1963 spectacular rock ‘n’ roll show at the Regal Theatre, Minehead.  I would like to thank you on behalf of the charity Hope for Tomorrow in anticipation of your support.